Updates specific to the new Emergency Order #28 Safer at Home


For Immediate Release
Contact: Jami Gebert, Town Administrator, 715-325-8025 or gebert@romewi.com
Leah Eckstein, Adams County Health Officer, 608-339-4376 or leah.eckstein@co.adams.wi.us
Chief Lauby, Rome Police Department, 715-325-8020 or lauby@romewi.com
Chief Taub, Rome Fire Department, 608-616-2946 or taub@romewi.com

Rome, WI (April 20, 2020) – The Town of Rome understands that the government closest to you affects your life the most, and that is never more true than in times of crisis. The Town is also not unique in having to make tough decisions during this State of Emergency. Property owners have contacted the Town with concerns both on remaining Safer at Home and discouraging us from administering Safer at Home. As leaders, sometime the best option is to simply state we don’t know what will happen next, but that we want to keep people as safe as possible during this pandemic while continuing the provision of critical public services to support the health, safety and welfare of the public.

The new Emergency Order #28 released by the Governor on April 16, 2020, extends Safer at Home until May 26th. The order states, “Individuals are strongly encouraged to remain at their primary resident or home. Travel to second homes or residences should be avoided if possible.” The Town of Rome echoes the order and strongly encourages residents with secondary or seasonal properties to stay at their primary residence.

Free will, however, is a powerful thing and with great power comes great responsibility. If you chose to travel, we implore you to be safe, kind, and well, meaning please quarantine for 14-days upon arrival, especially if you plan to stay at a seasonal or secondary home for the remainder of the order. If you chose not to quarantine, please take efforts to social distance yourself from others. We especially stress this in common locations, such as the Transfer Site, and strongly advise you to use services like curbside pickup for items like groceries.

The effects of COVID-19, and how to slow the spread in our communities have undoubtedly caused great anxiety across our state and country. As a recreational community we know residents and visitors want to enjoy spring and have properties ready for the summer season. But as a community with the average age of 62, and limited health care resources, we want to keep people as safe as possible. Please think about the health care workers, first responders, police officers, and essential workers keeping our communities safe and moving forward. If you choose not to limit movement and social distance for them, do it for your parents, grandparents, or those in your own life important to you that are over age 65 or have underlying health conditions.

Please remember COVID-19 is the enemy in this global pandemic and not municipalities or community leaders looking to keep the public safe. The current belief is that community spread is a main factor in how COVID-19 infection spreads and social distance is key to slowing the spread of infection. As a whole, we are STRONGER TOGETHER and that means working together to keep each other safe.   

Please see the below updates specific to the Town of Rome:

  •  Town Hall will remain closed through May 25, 2020 and reopen Tuesday, May 26, 2020, subject to extension of the Safer at Home order. Please contact Town Hall staff by phone for assistance, staff are either in the office daily or are working from home.
  • The Transfer Site will remain open regular hours 9 AM to 5 PM on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The 6’ social distance must be maintained throughout the site.
  •  If you need assistance sheltering in place, the Rome Fire Department is able to assist with running errands and delivering items to property owners. 
  • The temporary suspension on camping permits will end April 30th.  The Town will allow campers to be placed on lots starting April 24th, but ask for no overnight stays until April 30th.  We have made available on our web site, www.romewi.com, under How Do I? a credit card link and instructions on how to purchase your Vacant Lot Camping Permit and will deliver the permit to the display case on your property.  We have also coordinated with Pritzl’s Trading Post and camping permits can be purchased at the store, but we encourage those not in the immediate area to use their convenient curbside service for pickup, please call ahead to arrange.     
  • We will be opening Dyracuse Recreational Area on Saturday, May 2nd.  Social distancing will be enforced at the park, the playground and shelter areas will be closed, and those using the facility are also strongly encouraged to bring supplies needed to limit social interaction.
  • We continue to strongly encourage second and seasonal residents to stay Safer at Home.

The Town of Rome knows that any disruption to our way of life is difficult. We aren’t the first to recognize that change is hard.  Through kindess, working together, being patient, and helping each other stay safe, we can get through this together.

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 Positively applying the tools of government to serve and protect our people, strengthen our community and promote prosperity.