Annual Private Property Rights Notice


2015 Wisconsin Act 391 – Private Property Rights

December 28, 2020

Wis. Stat. 60.61(4)(f): Private Property Rights – Pursuant to Wis. Stat. 60.61(4)(f), Towns must maintain a list of people who submit a written request to receive notice of any proposed zoning ordinance or amendment that affects the allowable use of his or her property, and property size or density requirements. This law allows individuals to submit electronic or written notice that that they wish to be on the list. Written or electronic requests should be submitted to the Town of Rome Zoning Administrator.


Include all of the following information with your request:


Mailing address

Town of Rome address (if different)

E-mail address


Submit your written request to:

Zoning Administrator Greg Broniec

1156 Alpine Drive

Nekoosa, WI  54457


Need more information? Call 715-325-8019 or use above e-mail.