Alcohol & Tobacco License

Available "Class B" Liquor License

The Town of Rome is accepting applications for a “Class B” Liquor License. This license will be effective for a period commencing from issuance through June 30, 2021. Interested applicants should complete application requirements and submit materials to the Clerk/Treasurer by Friday, February 5, 2021 at 2:00 PM. Application materials should include a completed Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application with necessary Auxiliary Questionnaires and Appointment of Agent where applicable, along with a Town of Rome Plan of Operation form and $65 publication fee. Contact the Clerk/Treasurer at 715-325-8022 for questions or additional information.

All completed applications will be considered by the Alcohol Beverage License Review Committee. Recommendation for the available license will be conducted in accordance with Policy 1.17 for awarding available alcohol licenses, based on who best meets the stated Purpose of the Town of Rome’s Alcohol Beverage Licensing ordinances.

Please read – Regulation & Licensing of Rome’s Municipal Code of Ordinances before submitting any applications.

The clerk’s office accepts licensing applications Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For questions contact the office at (715) 325-8022 or


All original license applications require a copy of your State Seller’s Permit ID Certificate and a copy of your Federal Identification Number.

Liquor Licensing:
Class "A" - Beer - Off premise consumption $         150.00
"Class A" - Liquor - Off premise consumption $         350.00
Class "B" - Beer - On premise consumption $         100.00
"Class B" - Liquor - On premise consumption $         400.00
"Class C" - Wine $           75.00
Temporary Class "B" Beer/Wine $           10.00
Cigarette/Tobacco $           75.00
Publication - Renewal by Deadline (May 20, 2020) $           15.00
Publication - Individual (May 21, 2020 and later) $           65.00
Operator - Original 1 Year $           30.00
Operator - Renewal 2 Year $           40.00
Provisional Operator $           10.00
Reserve Class "B" Liquor $     10,000.00
Note - Retail licenses for less than 1 year are prorated.



Retail Alcohol Beverage License Applications and Miscellaneous Forms are available on the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.  Please visit the site directly for a list of current fill-in forms.

Town of Rome Operator's License Application
Cigarette and Tobacco Products License (CTP-200)